My soul is swollen in love and gratitude, Peace and joy.

Hello friends,

There is so much stored up inside of me, and I have been so encouraged and my spirits lifted by others who openly share, that I am taking the Bloggers plunge and stepping out in Faith and giving birth to “My Story” through blogging.

As I sit here today, Sunday November 30th, on top of a comfortable and beautiful bed, surrounded with fluffy pillows delicately embroidered in earth tone colors I gaze out the window of this bedroom onto acres of woods. This place is my sanctuary, I was brought here by God, and I see, hear and feel His presence every moment of every day that I am here. He reveals Himself through the quiet breeze that flows through the trees, the trickle of water that flows in the creek that runs on both sides of the property, the male and female deer, bunny rabbits, countless gorgeous Red Cardinals, Blue Jays, yellow and red house Finches, common Sparrows, Titmouse, downing Woodpeckers, and even the evasive female black cat that is always watching me and knows my every move.

He also reveals Himself through “my human being” “my person” “my love”,  named Kent, who holds a place in my heart that no other person has ever held before. Since giving my life to my Lord, fully and completely, I went through and still experience “Crisis of Beliefs” and when encountering my first crisis of belief I cried out to God in my new found relationship and asked Him to reveal Himself in the NATURAL to me, in the flesh I needed to  see, hear, feel and experience His very Presence.

After making this heartfelt, emotionally charged request, my God, my Lord, my Father, the Holy Spirit (these are some of the names I call Him)  He did just that, He revealed Himself in the Natural for me to see, touch, hold onto, talk to and enjoy,  it was then I fell further in Love and started my journey (my story) that I am excited to share with whomever wants to read along, and share in my love, laughter and experiences.

After years of longing to have a soul mate, a companion, a pure vessel from the Lord to regularly use to show Himself to me, He ordered my steps through careful navigation, precise encounters and God sized assignment’s into the arms of Kent. Kent is “my person” “my human” that God uses to show me an honest Love, Friendship, Intimacy, Humorous, Strong, Devoted, Caring and Adventurous companion. I daily thank God for using Kent to show me the characteristics of His very nature, as I am awestruck and left breathless often at the magnitude of His love, kindness, generosity and devotion to me.

With all of that said, God does not and has not limited Himself to just my surroundings and “my love”. I see Him working in and through my incredibly wonderful parents, “my angel” who is my daughter Amy and “my warrior” my son, Matthew.

This past Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, my son used some of his hard earned income and vacation days to fly into town to be with and visit family. Anyone that knows me, knows that my kids are my life, they have a grip and residence in my heart that is only occupied by them. Matthew is my oldest and after being told I could not conceive and if wanting children I would have to adopt, I urgently with great persistence, petitioned my Father, asking, thanking and believing that He would allow me to get pregnant and have a healthy baby, He in His miraculous way did just that and didn’t stop with one He gave me two.

Often I have told my son, the first time he looked up at me, after being delivered, this is the very FIRST time I saw True Love, he looked at me as though looking through my soul and gave the slightest grin expressing to me a love and acceptance that I had never allowed myself to experience before. As I bawled my eyes out, I  made a promise to myself, God and my son, that I would consciously and prayerfully be used by God to raise His son into the man He created him to be while on this earth.

With that said, anytime that I get to spend with him and/or my daughter, is nothing short of a priceless gift from God, cherished and thoroughly enjoyed. As they are both spirit-filled, God fearing, healthy and blessed young adults with their own lives, my son lives out of state and my daughter is married.

This morning as I was gently woken up to the warm memories of the past few days, my heart is over filled with Joy and Peace that God ordered all of our steps as a family to be together. We made wonderful memories, laughed a lot, hugged a lot, ate too much, and of course I cried tears of Joy that we were all together and blessed beyond measure. My children are the assurance that , not only is there a true living God, but that I have done two things right in life, actually three, the very first accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and entering into a deep love relationship with Him that is real and personal.

If you are feeling empty, alone, scared or confused even  possibly wondering what your very existence is, I encourage you to sit quietly and ask your creator to reveal Himself to you, and soon you will discover you were created by Him, for fellowship with Him and to share Love, friendship and your individual uniqueness to the world. You are His hands, His eyes, His very presence to someone somewhere, so allow yourself to be used by Him, and enjoy this journey He has put you on called life.

Until next time my friends, with love,



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